Die Geschichte

How did it all actually start?

Anyone who wants to build a solid, tailor-made architect-designed house today ends up at Elbe-Haus®. Future clients who we support as a reliable partner in turning their dream into their own home search and find us through trade fairs, property sites and not least through recommendations. A recommendation rate of more than 50 percent not only makes us proud but is above all for us a vote of confidence from our clients. But how did it all actually start – back then, 20 years ago?

Hendrik Rößler and Heiko Stannieder were just at the start of their careers 20 years ago. But both the young men already knew exactly what they wanted back then.
Today this ambition is part of the recipe for success at Elbe-Haus®. “It wasn’t just a day like any other. We already had the feeling that something was going to change,” says Hendrik Rößler remembering the day the company was founded. “We had already both been working in the construction industry for many years and completed major projects together. We didn’t therefore think about the construction work but what it means to build a company up from nothing, that was our personal challenge,” states Heiko Stannieder.

The plan was hatched. Now it was time to venture those first few steps. So the two company founders sat down together with a small trusted team in a 25 square metre office and planned the first house projects. “We made, stuck together and copied our flyers ourselves. Plans for future clients were sketched on parchment paper or so-called greaseproof paper. We might grin about this today but it was just the right thing at the right time,” recounts Hendrik Rößler.

The orders increased continuously so the entrepreneurs already built the company head office in Stralendorf in 1999 just two years after the foundation. The building of the new company head office was necessary as the manpower in internal sales had to grow along with the increasing orders. Different departments from calculation to accounting, work preparation, construction supervision and its own IT were now a permanent part of business planning.

Besides internal sales, the network of independent sales partners, planners and site managers also grew continuously. This enabled Elbe-Haus houses to be sold throughout Germany (except Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg and Saarland) after 15 years. “It’s only by looking back for once, for such an important anniversary, that we’re becoming aware of how much has happened over the last 20 years,” says Heiko Stannieder.

An external marketing company has been supporting the registered Elbe-Haus® brand in marketing and PR since 2000. Three spacious, modern client centres in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne are just as much a part of Elbe-Haus® as the numerous smaller construction information centres, e.g. in Schwerin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hannover and Wolfsburg. All the partners in sales, planning and internal sales plan the projects and calculations for clients’ houses using state-of-the-art software. Using this Elbe-Haus® is happy to impress its clients with a 3D tour of their house in a cinema atmosphere.

“There would still be so much to tell you but we want concentrate on what is important at this point and sincerely thank our clients, employees, partners and business partners for their trust,” says Hendrik Rößler with Heiko Stannieder adding in agreement: “Thank you for 20 years full of joy, new experiences and dedicated commitment.”