Qualität und Innovation

Greater security for your home. We guarantee that.

We focus on the quality of our services and your security. Our principles not only guarantee our company’s service but also its claim. They are an integral part of our corporate philosophy.
We rank among the specialists for the building of tailor-made solid masonry houses thanks to our many years of experience and flexible structures. We turn your wishes into reality together with our architects and planners. Making every house a one-off.
Innovations and pioneering technologies in harmony with comfort, energy efficiency and functionality are tested by experts and used economically for clients.
Besides the brand products used and the use of qualified specialist companies, professional external and internal quality management ensures the quality of our construction services.
Our top priority in the process is transparency and fairness towards our clients.

You can see what you can rely on with Elbe-Haus® at a glance here.


Construction time guarantee
We guarantee a contractually agreed short construction time in order to keep the phase when you are still paying rent for an apartment and the credit instalments are already due during construction time as short as possible for you.

Fixed price guarantee
Your price is your price. You receive a tailor-made offer from us and we guarantee you that the price quoted for the service being offered is certain.

Quality guarantee
DEKRA experts conduct several quality audits together with site management and clients on site with every one of our building projects. The results are recorded in an inspection document.

Completion guarantee
Instalments are paid based on a contractually agreed payment plan and only once the service has been provided. In addition, we give our clients security in the form of an enforceable contract performance guarantee to the amount of 5% of the construction costs over the period of the whole construction phase.

Guaranteed support
We also support you once the construction time is over.

In addition to the 5-year warranty, our specialists conduct a free building check on your house for you 12 months after handover.
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