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For every recommendation of a future Elbe-Haus® client you can select the reward you want from various high-quality recommendation packages.
You can find out here how this works and which rewards await you.


  • Send your contact details and the contract details for your recommended client to or your local contact.
  • You receive the reward you want after the recommended client’s topping out ceremony.
  • Recommend us to someone.



Entspannungspaket von fatboy®

Recommendation package 1 worth €540
Relaxation package from fatboy®

GartenPaket von WOLF-Garten®

Recommendation package 2 worth €545
Garden package from WOLF-Garten®

Businesspaket von Montblanc®

Recommendation package 3 worth €540
Business package from Montblanc®

Grillpaket von Weber® Grill

Recommendation package 4 worth €539
Barbecue package from Weber® Grill


Cash payment worth €500
Make your wishes come true

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