Bauherrenzentrum Berlin

Client centre Berlin

Living client centre – now for the region of Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt, too.
We provide multifaceted configuration and equipment possibilities, from the bare brickwork to the water-tap.
Our centre in the Landsberger Straße 262 combines exhibitions, consultations and informative meetings with a stress-free atmosphere. Our clients can take samples for their homes.

There is a large selection of front and interior doors, roof tiles, clinkers, windows, several sample bathrooms and the latest heating engineering. Our Elbe-Haus ® team is looking forward to your visit and would be pleased to give professional advice and support to you.

Any questions? Contact us. Here you´ll find your contact person!

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Client Centre Berlin

Landsberger Straße 262
DE-12623 Berlin
Phone: 0049 (0)30 / 2091479-0
E-Mail: berlin(at)

Elbe-Haus® West GmbH
Client Centre Cologne

Clevischer Ring 121 C
DE-51063 Cologne
Phone: 0049 (0)221 / 669994-60
E-Mail: koeln(at)

Client Centre Hamburg

Sachsenstraße 5
DE-20097 Hamburg
Phone: 0049 (0)40 / 5480 7997
E-Mail: hamburg(at)